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Trendsetting methods in audiology can only be implemented with computer technology if meaningful results and time-saving procedures are desired. The "Oldenburg Measurement Applications" software was developed with the aim to offer audiologists an instrument with which they can conveniently conduct significant new methods in hearing diagnostics using a flexible and modular system, no matter if their workplace is a clinic, a research facility or in the hearing acoustics branch. This offer ranges from the classical speech test to loudness scaling and modern speech audiometry methods implemented in silence or noise. In cooperation with the University of Oldenburg and the Hörzentrum Oldenburg, the HörTech Center of Competence guarantees competent implementation as well as continuous development of these methods on the basis of current research findings. A commercial personal computer equipped with a high-quality sound card is a prerequisite for conducting measurements. It is connected to an audiometer's sound input and the audiometer is directly controlled by the software via a serial PC interface. Customizations for a number of audiometers on the market currently exist (list available on request).

Current Prices (452 Kb).

The following methods are already available as software contained in the "Oldenburg Measurement Applications":

Software Features (subject to change):

-Runs on WindowsTM Versions 98 - ME as well as 2000 - XP and Windows7 32-Bit
-Joint software environment for all methods
-All methods may be purchased individually
-Direct sound output from the computer (sound card necessary)
-Supported audiometers can be directly activated
-Joint master file management
-Standard databank with BorlandTM ParadoxTM / BorlandTM Database Engine (BDE)
-Different work stations can have joint access to one common databank on the network
-Every work station has a licence administration via hardware copy protection
-Further technical requirements on request

Special Note

The HörTech gGmbH offers different computer programs (software) collectively termed "Oldenburg Measurement Applications" to conduct audiological measurements. The individual is held responsible when using this software and it may only be used for research and educational purposes. At present, the software ist not yet approved by the German Medical Product Law (Medizinproduktegesetz, MPG) or other regulations concerning medical devices. Working with these programs requires additional and appropriate technology (hardware). Necessary equipment consists of a personal computer, audio devices (sound card), audiometer and a converter (speakers, earphones, etc.). Recommendations for suitable devices and their implementation may be taken from the software documenation and it is also available at HörTech gGmbH. Apparatus assembly and operation for software usage occurs at one's own risk and liability. Abidance to legal regulations lies solely in the operating person's responsibility. Assembling, calibrating and operating such equipment requires appropriate technical knowledge as well as auxiliary devices.
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