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11. September - 13. September: Intensive course in Audiological Equipment for Beginners

This intensive course aims to provide an overview of the methods and procedures of the field as well as give insight into its key issues and parameters. The acquired knowledge is intended to assist new staff, for example at manufacturers of hearing aids, cochlear implants or measuring devices, in gaining a comprehensive and competent foothold in the subject matter, and to enable them to hold constructive discussions with colleagues from other departments during project meetings. This continuing education
consists of theory and practical steps in which basic theory is applied to practical examples.
The first day focuses on medical basics and audiological testing methods. The second day deals with
hearing aids and how to adjust them to a person’s individual hearing impairment. Testing to determine if an adjustment was successful takes place on day three. This intensive course is addressed primarily to engineers, natural scientists, computer scientists, doctors and other clinical and technical staff who work in audiology or with hearing aids.

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