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Trendsetting methods in audiology have to be highly accurate, indicative and efficient. The software “Oldenburg Measurement Applications” has been developed by HörTech in cooperation with the University Oldenburg in order to offer audiologists an instrument which allows to conveniently conduct new methods in hearing diagnostics using a flexible and modular system, no matter if their workplace is a clinic, a research facility or in the hearing acoustics branch. This includes classical speech tests as well, for instance, loudness scaling and modern, adaptive  speech tests in quiet and in noise. The speech tests exhibit a high accuracy, phonetically balanced speech material, equivalent test lists and natural articulation. Especially the sentence tests are suitable for the assessment of speech intelligibility in noise, which allows to measure speech intelligibility performance of patients in a every-day-life communication situation.

The software with many test procedures is available as medical device for some audiometers of particular manufacturers. In Germany, the sentences tests GÖSA and OLSA are suitable to prove the benefit of a hearing aid supply according to the “Hilfmittel-Richtlinie” (HilfsM-RL).

The application of a diagnostic speech test may yield invalid results for persons with a differing first language.Hence, Matrix Tests (OLSA like tests) have been developed in many other languages like English, French, Italian, Polish, Russian, Spanish, Turkish and others.