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The perfect tool for advice and prevention

Hearing loss has many consequences for those affected and also for their environment. The hearing loss simulator "HSIM" is a simple and effective tool that makes it possible for people with normal hearing to experience an individual hearing loss. The hearing loss simulator also demonstrates how the hearing can be partially restored with hearing aids.

With just a few clicks, relatives, classmates or work colleagues can understand the situation of hearing impaired people, and by personally experiencing the consequences of hearing loss, the environment is involved in the decision for hearing aids as well as for their regular use and can provide support.


One tool - different fields of application!

Help with inclusion - The HSIM can be used by hearing impaired educators to sensitize classmates, parents and also teachers to a child's hearing impairment and to initiate important technical support measures for the child in the classroom.

Listening to occupational health and safety - The HSIM vividly demonstrates the consequences of hearing loss. If the tool is used by occupational physicians in the context of education and prevention, it can increase the acceptance of hearing protection and thus reduce hearing damage in noisy workplaces.

Relatives, an important support for a successful hearing aid fitting - The HSIM enables the hearing care professional to impressively demonstrate the difference between 'hearing without hearing aid' and 'hearing with hearing aid' and can thus win over the family member as an important partner in hearing care. The experience of hearing loss and the associated change in perspective enables the relatives to identify the cause of a variety of problems in daily life. The hearing system becomes a problem solver and regular use is supported accordingly.

Further information can be found here: Hearing Loss Simulator

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System requirements:

PC/notebook with:
1 GB RAM, soundcard standard, Intel/AMD CPU: 1,6 GHz, disk space 250 MB, Windows Vista 32/64 bit