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The German Oldenburg sentence test (OLSA) has extended audiometric diagnosis to accurate assessment of speech intelligibility in noise and is a well-established tool for studies in the market of hearing systems.Although more than 90 million people do speak German as first language, also almost 20% of the population of Germany have a migration background. Applying the German OLSA to people with a first language differing from German might not yield valid results. Hence, OLSA like sentence tests, called Matrix Tests, have been developed in various languages, for instance Polish, Russian, Spanish, Turkish, Finnish, French, Italian, Danish, English (UK), Dutch, Swedish, Norwegian and American English. More languages are still under development or already available for research purposes. Matrix Tests may be conducted even if the examiner does not speak the tested language. The automatic adaptive procedures yields accurate results – without an actual language barrier.

Also more and more international studies, scientific or product related, require comparable results. This special requirement has been taken into account during the development of the Matrix Tests in different languages.

The Simplified Matrix Test is available in German (OLKISA), Italian, Finnish and French.

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Oldenburg Measurement Applications


  • Automatic adaptive level control for the assessment of the speech recognition threshold
  • Speech recognition thresholds possible between 20% and 80% intelligibility
  • Measurements with continuous noise possible
  • Response given directly by the patient possible
  • High accuracy and comparability between different languages


520,- € (recommended retail price) plus German statutory value-added-tax for an already existing basic licence. For licensing reasons, the EIA for the Dutch matrix test is €720.
A basic licence is available for 650.00 € (recommended retail price) plus German statutory value-added-tax (amendments may occur).
Installation and service will be charged by your audiometer provider at cost.

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