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KLS –  Kategoriale Lautheitsskalierung

During a categorical loudness scaling test signals are presented at different levels. The subject responds the subjectively perceived loudness in terms of a categorical scale. The scale includes the verbal categories “not heard”,“very soft”,“soft”,“medium” ,“loud” ,“very loud” and “extremely loud”. This verbal scale is mapped to the numeric range of 0 (“not heard”) to 50 (“extremely loud”) and graphically shown as a function of signal level. The so-called “sensation field” representation shows “iso-loudness-contours” as a function of frequency in an audiogram-like chart.


  • Diagnosis of hearing loss
  • Assessment of recruitment phenomenon for sensorineural hearing loss
  • Assessment of fitting paramaters for hearing systems with dynamic compression
  • Verification of hearing system fitting

Narrowband noises with different center frequencies may be used as test signals as well as broadband noises, for instance speech shaped noises.

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Oldenburg Measurement Applications


  • third-octave noises up to 10 kHz for narrowband loudness scaling
  • Iso-loudness-contours showing the dynamic range of hearing as “sensation field”
  • Speech shaped noises for broadband loudness scaling
  • Automatic adaptive loudness scaling according to ISO 16832
  • Premature manual finish of each signal possible
  • Different model functions possible for fitting of loudness functions
  • Manual (non-adaptive) loudness scaling possible
  • Response given directly by the patient possible


520,- € (recommended retail price) plus German statutory value-added-tax for an already existing basic licence.
A basic licence is available for 650.00 € (recommended retail price) plus German statutory value-added-tax (amendments may occur).
Installation and service will be charged by your audiometer provider at cost.


* This document is NOT an electronic instruction manual according to regulation (EC) No. 207/2012, but merely to be used as information material. Only the instruction manual, which is enclosed to the product, has to be used!