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The software “Oldenburg Measurement Applications” has been developed by HörTech in cooperation with the University Oldenburg in order to offer audiologists an instrument which allows to conveniently conduct new methods in hearing diagnostics using a flexible and modular system, no matter if their workplace is a clinic, a research facility or in the hearing acoustics branch. This includes classical speech tests as well, for instance, loudness scaling and modern, adaptive  speech tests in quiet and in noise. Besides the professional implementation by HörTech as medical device manufacturer, the cooperation with the University of Oldenburg and the company Hörzentrum Oldenburg also ensures a continuous further development based on the most recent scientific research results.

Currently, the software “Oldenburg Measurement Applications” is available for the following audiometers:

  • Acousticon ACAM 5
  • Auritec AT900
  • Auritec AT1000
  • Auritec AT700
  • Auritec ear2.0 (earbox) and ear3.0
  • Gravenstein AC33/GA90
  • Interacoustics Affinity and Affinity Compact
  • Interacoustics Equinox
  • Maico MA55
  • Otometrics Madsen Astera
  • OtometricsAurical AUD
  • Siemens Unity2
  • Zeisberg CA 450


The following modules are available:

  • Adaptive Categorical Loudness Scaling (ACALOS)
  • Oldenburg Sentence Test (OlSa)
  • Göttingen Sentence Test (GöSa)
  • Freiburg Numbers and Words Test
  • Oldenburg Children Rhyme Test (OlKi)
  • Rhyme Test after Wallenberg & Kollmeier (WaKo)
  • Oldenburg Sentence Test for Children (OlKiSa)

If you would like to know when OMA will be available for your audiometer, please contact your audiometer manufacturer.

Downloads related to product: Certificate HörTech (DIN EN ISO 13485), Certificate Product, Declarations of conformity

The "Oldenburg Measurement Applications" software contains operating manuals in electronic form as files in PDF format. On any current Windows PC, these operating instructions can be displayed directly, e.g. with Microsoft® Edge. On older PCs, separate software may be required, e.g. Adobe® Reader, which can be downloaded free of charge.