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OLKI – Oldenburger Kinderreimtest

The Oldenburg Children’s Rhyme Test determines speech intelligibility and is suitable for children especially of elementary class levels 1 to 4. The test is conducted as a closed set response test. After each audio presentation, the child’s task is to choose the corresponding picture from 3 alternatives.The coloured pictures have a highly stimulative nature, and the test is suitable for hearing aid and cochlear implant fitting.


  • Assessment of speech intelligibility with children (primary school age)
  • Alternative to adult word tests

Key Features of OLKI

  • Age-appropriate speech material
  • Coloured pictures suitable for children
  • Highly stimulative nature

More Information

Oldenburg Measurement Applications


  • 10 test lists with 12 words each
  • Coloured pictures with 3 response alternatives for each word
  • Response given directly by the patient possible


520,- € (recommended retail price) plus German statutory value-added-tax for an already existing basic licence.
A basic licence is available for 650.00 € (recommended retail price) plus German statutory value-added-tax (amendments may occur).
Installation and service will be charged by your audiometer provider at cost.


* This document is NOT an electronic instruction manual according to regulation (EC) No. 207/2012, but merely to be used as information material. Only the instruction manual, which is enclosed to the product, has to be used!