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OLSA – Oldenburger Satztest

Repeatable speech audiometry with sentences
The Oldenburg sentence test determines the speech recognition threshold (SRT) with a precision in the range of ±1 dB. Due to the adaptive level control, the SRT is assessed with one single test list. The sentences are composed with the same structure of five categories (name, verb, number, adjective and noun, e.g. “Peter kauft fünf rote Blumen”). The sentences are created as a seemingly random combination of an inventory of ten words per category which makes it impossible to memorize them. Thus, after a short training, the test can be repeatedly conducted with the same person without affecting the test results.


  • Comparison of different measurement configurations or hearing system settings with high accuracy
  • Research with high number of measurement repetitions
  • Measurements with cochlea implant users

Key Features of OLSA

  • Complete sentences, relevant for daily life
  • Quick and reliable, adaptive threshold measurement
  • Unlimited repeated measurements possible
  • Assessment of speech recognition threshold in noise or in quiet

More Information

Oldenburg Measurement Applications


  • 45 test lists with 20 sentences each
  • 40 test lists with 30 sentences each
  • Automatic adaptive level control for the assessment of the speech recognition threshold
  • Speech recognition thresholds possible between 20% and 80% intelligibility
  • Measurements with continuous noise possible
  • Response given directly by the patient possible


520.00 € (recommended retail price) plus German statutory value-added-tax for an already existing basic licence.
A basic licence is available for 650.00 € (recommended retail price) plus German statutory value-added-tax (amendments may occur).
Installation and service will be charged by your audiometer provider at cost.


* This document is NOT an electronic instruction manual according to regulation (EC) No. 207/2012, but merely to be used as information material. Only the instruction manual, which is enclosed to the product, has to be used!