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The HörTech Hearing Impairment Simulator allows for demonstrating hearing impressions of people with hearing deficiencies. Using multi-channel dynamic compression and spectral blur, any incoming audio signal can be processed in real time in such a way that the outgoing signal provides normal hearing people with the impression of a hearing loss. The incoming signal is read from an audio file. The Hearing Impairment Simulator accepts any audiogram with pure tone thresholds and uncomfortable loudness levels as parameters. The hearing loss simulation can be switched on and off during runtime.

In addition to simulating a hearing loss, it is possible to simulate a hearing aid which individually compensates for the selected hearing loss. This additional processing simulates a generic digital hearing aid with multi-channel dynamic compression which is prescribed using the LoudFit procedure developed by HörTech.

Both versions of the software offer the user to adjust the level of the incoming sound as well as the level of the processed sound. Noise can be added at adjustable levels. In addition to the audio output, also the spectrograms of input and output signals are displayed.

The software is provided with a hardware copy protection (dongle). Subject to change without prior notice.

All information in our brochure for download: Folder Hearing Loss Simulator 

If you are interested in the hearing loss simulator - you can request a 30-day trial version here:

Please download the software here: HörTech download page and install it.

At the first start you have the possibility to request a test license from within the program.