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Earpiece 2

Photograph of a right device, outside (left) and inside (right) view. The Entrance and Concha microphones are visible through the transparent acryl, as well as the OuterVent microphone inside the vent

The transparent earpiece is an electro-acoustic earpiece for research and development on assistive hearing devices and hearables. It includes two balanced armature drivers as well as four microphones in each side, which are built into a one-size-fits-all acrylic shell. It features custom transducer positioning at different positions inside a vent, as well as a microphone inside the ear canal, which opens up many possibilities for signal processing. The earpiece is commercially available both in a vented as well as an occluded version. A scientific paper contianing a detailled description and acoustic evaluation is available here

The Transparent Earpiece will be made available in two versions, one with and one without microphone pre-amps included onboard. The product can be obtained through our partner InEar GmbH, Dieburg. 



Transparent Earpiece 1
CAD model of a left earpiece. Center: Interior view with shell removed, right: Inside and outside view of the complete earpiece, top left: View into the vent from the ear canal side, ring removed (plane and viewing direction indicated by the black square and arrow).