Logo des Hörzentrums

HörTech gGmbH was founded in 2001 as a center of competence for hearing aid system technology by Hörzentrum Oldenburg and Oldenburg University. 51% of the non-profit company is owned by the University of Oldenburg and 49% by the Hörzentrum Oldenburg. As HörTech is a non-profit organization, all proceeds are invested directly and immediately back into HörTech projects or activities to the benefit of the promotion of hearing research. The objectives of HörTech are to promote science and research and to acquire new methods and findings in the field of hearing. The institute, which originally derived from a nationwide competition organized by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research, now enjoys international recognition and conducts acclaimed research to improve hearing aid technology. HörTech employees are engaged in seeking new ways to better adapt hearing aids to the individual needs of their users, as well as methods to facilitate the rehabilitation of the hearing impaired. Scientific work brings together the latest findings from audiology and digital signal processing, in which HörTech relies on a nationwide network of expertise. HörTech gGmbH is based at the House of Hearing in Oldenburg. With guided tours, lectures and concerts in the Communication Acoustics Simulator and an Auditory Garden, the House of Hearing offers the general public an intuitive and experience-oriented insight into the complex world of hearing. A scientific advisory board advises the company concerning new projects or regarding changes to or the cancellation of projects.

The company’s goals are realized by setting up and operating a center of competence for hearing-system technology, in which private-sector companies and/or institutions, as well as universities and research institutes, involved in the process of research and development can realize projects for the (further) development of hearing aid system technology and associated products either alone or jointly in pre-competitive cooperation. As part of all projects, participating institutions are guaranteed the necessary confidentiality in order to provide dedicated cooperation and allow them to contribute their own expertise/knowledge. In addition, the company develops and markets products that are developed in the course of projects or based on the results of projects and other research activities.