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Change of Managing Director in the Oldenburg Hearing Research Division

Stephan Albani (MP) has handed over the management of HörTech gGmbH and Hörzentrum Oldenburg GmbH as planned to Sebastian Quirandt, the former authorized signatory.

After more than 20 years as managing director, Stephan Albani handed over the office to Sebastian Quirandt. As already agreed between the shareholders and Mr. Albani when he joined the Bundestag in 2013, the previous regulation, which was elected at the request of both sides at the time, has now been further developed. A change that also takes into account the changed challenges on both sides and thus sets the course for the future.

Stephan Albani was co-founder and managing director of both internationally active companies since March 1996. In September 2013 he was elected to the Bundestag as a member of the CDU in the district of Oldenburg-Ammerland. 'It is time to put my 'entrepreneurial children' in other hands now. I welcome the fact that we shareholders here have unanimously decided in favor of Mr. Quirandt,' Albani summed up in his farewell speech to the employees.

Since 2014, Quirandt has worked for HörTech and Hörzentrum Oldenburg as a controller and authorized signatory. As the new managing director, the 35-year-old wants to continue the successful course he has embarked on and to position the companies on the market in terms of content and structure for future research topics and challenges. 'With its close links to basic research on the one hand and clinical practice on the other, the Oldenburg location offers optimal conditions. The team and I are very much looking forward to jointly shaping the future of hearing with know-how and innovative ideas', Sebastian Quirandt stressed.

Bridges of Oldenburg hearing research
With application-oriented research, translation and services, the two companies bridge the gap to those affected and to the hearing system market.  'The Hörzentrum Oldenburg and HörTech play an essential role in Oldenburg hearing research, Prof. Dr. Dr. Kollmeier, speaker of the Hearing4all cluster of excellence and scientific director of the two companies, explained: 'They carry out research on people.' We would like to thank Mr. Albani for his outstanding services to both companies and are looking forward to continue our excellent and successful cooperation with Mr. Quirandt.


Sebastian Quirandt quer

Sebastian Quirandt, new Managing Director of HörTech gGmbH and Hörzentrum Oldenburg GmbH