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Represented at the "EUHA" from 16.-18.10.2019 HörTech gGmbH and the Cluster of Excellence Hearing4all will present current research results and user-oriented applications for hearing acoustics and the hearing system industry at the 64th International Congress of Hearing Professionals from 16 to 18 October 2019 in Nuremberg. The focus this year will be on products that support the hearing care professional in the consultation with the customer and a short, varied programme of lectures at the exhibition stand.

Our products

digit triplets test - anonymous, non-binding and fast

Digitalization and the World Wide Web allow customers to do almost everything from home today. In the future only those will win on the market who manage to lure the customer from his sofa into the shop. The digit triplets test is a secure and easy to use screening procedure that confronts clients at home with an initial assessment of their hearing loss on a smartphone or PC. If this test on the acoustician's website is directly linked to the comprehensive offer, the probability of looking for a solution directly increases - the step to an on-site acoustician becomes more and more probable. The Fördergemeinschaft Gutes Hören uses and supports this test and HörTech offers contract partners attractive offers.

Hearing loss simulator: The power of relatives in counselling interviews

The proportion of hearing-impaired people who visit an acoustician not because they are self-motivated but because of pressure from their relatives is extremely high. It is therefore not uncommon that not only the client with hearing loss, but also the partner, children or grandchildren are present during the first consultation. The hearing loss simulator offers the simple possibility to make the hearing loss audible and comprehensible. For the person affected, it is a confirmation of the difficult situations and for the relatives it is often an "aha" experience that leads to much more understanding. In addition to hearing loss, the software offers the simulation of a hearing system and thus impressively presents the obvious solution to the problem: the purchase of hearing systems!

Matrixtests available for more than 60% of the world's population

The International Matrixtest is available in 18 different languages and offers the hearing care professional modern speech audiometry at rest and in background noise. Matrixtests depict everyday situations (entire sentences must be understood in background noise) and are at the same time a very accurate measuring instrument. Therefore, the methods are excellent for testing the performance of hearing aids in realistic situations and showing differences between different devices.

Intensive course in audiological technology - the crash course for all newcomers

The audiological technique is an interdisciplinary field of work in which both physicians and engineers, computer scientists, technicians, hearing aid acousticians, psychologists and pedagogues are active. A colourful group with different educational backgrounds. Those who start out in the industry must familiarise themselves with the topic and get to know typical practices in their working environment.

Our lectures

Oldenburg measurement programs and more - An overview of the HörTech product portfolio

Stefan Wetzel - Oldenburg measurement programs and more - An overview of the HörTech product portfolio / Whether Oldenburg sentence test, loudness scaling, or Oldenburg children's rhyme test - the Oldenburg measurement programs have long been established in clinics, research and audiology as a tool for fast, convenient, modular and easy to implement measurement procedures. In addition to insights into application scenarios and new features, the lecture will give an outlook on the hearing system fitting of the future!

The Future of Hearing: Research Highlights from the Hearing4all Excellence Cluster

Stefan Wetzel - The future of hearing: Research highlights from the Hearing4all / Hearing4all excellence cluster - that is, medicine, basic research and technical solutions for personalized hearing care. By improving individualized hearing diagnostics and the fitting of personal hearing aids, the Excellence Cluster aims to significantly improve the communication situation of those affected. The lecture will provide exciting insights into the future of hearing based on current research highlights.

Hearing aid evaluations at Hörzentrum Oldenburg - how user, professionals, and manufacturers benefit

Dr. Kirsten Wagener - Hearing aid evaluations at Hörzentrum Oldenburg - how user, professionals, and manufacturers benefit / new hearing aids are developed, among other things, to optimize the sound impression and to support hearing impaired people in simple and complex communication situations. In order to prove the effect and performance of new products, state-of-the-art measurement methods and study designs are required. The previous day presents the portfolio of hearing aid evaluations at the Hörzentrum Oldenburg. Everyone (hearing impaired people, audiologists or hearing aid manufacturers) can benefit from this.

Digital services in the field of hearing acoustics

Dr. Markus Meis - Digital services in the field of hearing acoustics / digital services can increase the acceptance and comfort of modern hearing systems for hearing impaired people and enable interactive communication between users and acousticians. The lecture will provide insight into how personal services can successfully shape digital transformation.

Hearing effort, hearing fatigue and EEG. How does it fit together?

Dr. Michael Schulte - Hearing effort, hearing fatigue and EEG. How does it fit together? / Hearing effort, hearing fatigue and EEG are central topics of current hearing research. But how are they related and what relevant conclusions can be drawn for practice? The lecture explains the interrelationships, provides outlooks and establishes links to hearing acoustics and hearing system development.


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