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The crash course for all newcomers in the industry

Audiological technology is an interdisciplinary field of work in which medical doctors as well as engineers, physicists, computer scientists, technicians, hearing aid acousticians, psychologists and pedagogues are active. It is a colourful group, all of which have different educational backgrounds. Those who start in the industry, and possibly even those who are unfamiliar with the subject matter, must familiarize themselves with the subject matter in their personal working environment and learn the typical customs and practices.


Six different training courses in three days

The aim of the intensive course is to accelerate the familiarization period of new employees. During the three-day course, participants learn about the various disciplines of the industry with their idiosyncrasies and ways of speaking in a compact presentation. In order to internalize the complex contents, the course combines lecture elements with practical exercises in small groups. At the end of the course, the participants have become familiar with the various facets of audiological technology. The newly acquired knowledge simplifies communication in their own company, as the different contexts and perspectives have become clear.
The course is suitable for every employee in your company - from marketing specialists to software developers to gain an understanding of to develop.

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