Logo des Hörzentrums

HörTech gGmbH has a long track record of publicly funded and bilateral R&D projects. Starting in 1999, HörTech has been co-operating with national and international institutions, universities, and industry. Among the biggest projects are multilateral coordinated projects (DFG, BMBF, EU, MWK), where HörTech contributes world-leading expertise in acoustics, audiology, signal processing, and computer science. Main contributions by HörTech include tailor-made software development, realtime digital signal processing, algorithm development and implementation for hearing devices, audiological tests, audio quality models, and technical support (dissemination, service, maintenance of software and hardware).

Apart from our scientific competence, we at HörTech have successfully drafted and coordinated large projects in the past. Our creativity, productivity, and capacity for innovation leads to an excellent success rate, demonstrated by a large number of demonstrators, products, and scientific publications.

We are always looking for refreshingly new project ideas. If you are looking for a competent partner in research and development of audio and signal processing tools, don't hesitate to contact us!