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HörTech offers various products and tools tailored to specific requirements. For special applications, special approaches or extraordinary solutions, which may in turn be based on existing solutions, are also often useful. As a company with close ties to research, we offer flexible and extensive options for the adaptation of all our products to your exact requirements.

Be inspired by our creativity and know-how. Some examples of specially adapted products are listed below. We are happy to give you a personal quote.

Screening station

The hearing screening station is a ready-to-use system that allows the measurement of hearing ability without specialist support. However, the screening station does not replace full medical diagnosis, but rather delivers initial results, which must then be further investigated by a specialist in the event of abnormalities.

The screening station has a modular structure and determines hearing threshold in quiet (audiogram), speech understanding in noise (speech audiometry) and perceived impairment due to hearing loss (questionnaire). The user interface of the screening station is designed so that inexperienced users can perform the test procedure with little supervision. Results are subsequently displayed on the screen and can be printed anonymously if necessary (e.g. as a machine-readable QR code). No personal data need therefore be collected or stored in the screening station.

The station is equipped with professional audiometry hardware and software so as to achieve high-precision measurements. The system is a complete solution with perfectly matched hardware and software. The usability of the Screening Station has been tested in a user study. The results indicate that the station is easier to use than smartphone apps that have been developed for similar purposes. Apart from OSH and occupational healthcare services, possible applications of the Screening Station include research and development and marketing.

Digit triplets test

Through the HearCom and Hurdig projects, HörTech, together with partners from different countries, has developed hearing screening tests for use on the Internet, on the telephone or via other distribution channels. The digit triplets test provides a simple, anonymous and non-binding opportunity to check the condition of the ear. Results are virtually independent of the presentation level. As the hearing impaired often have difficulty merely understanding conversations in everyday life, a language test in a noisy environment can be used as a screening test. Numbers are selected as speech material for a variety of reasons: they are very common; they allow multiple test iterations as numeric sequences can be difficult to remember; and they enable an automatic test sequence, for example via a telephone keypad.

As the test is meaningful only if it is conducted in the subject's native language, the digit triplets test is available in a variety of languages. All available versions of the tests have been scientifically optimized, evaluated and validated.

The following tests can be tried here:

If you are interested in licensing any of the tests, please contact HörTech gGmbH directly. Other languages ​​can be provided upon request.