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Hearing screening for your internet presence
Anonymous, non-binding and fast

Millions of people in Germany are affected by hearing loss. However, these people are often unaware that they suffer from hearing loss. The numerical triple test is a scientifically tested method that can determine hearing ability via the Internet. The test is carried out anonymously, without obligation and quickly on the Internet. After just a few minutes, the person undergoing the test receives an initial assessment of their hearing ability and recommendations for further steps. Through the concrete recommendations for action, you can lead people with conspicuous results directly to your specialist shop and present your service portfolio. The number triple test can be integrated into your Internet presence in just a few steps and appears in your design. Experience with the procedure shows that customers are motivated by the result to seek help. By the direct integration into your homepage you become the problem solver of the person concerned. It is only a small step into your hearing aid specialist shop. Use the number triplet test to lure undecided customers into your business. The numerical triple test is a simple screening procedure that confronts the client with an initial assessment of hearing ability on a smartphone or computer.

How the test works:

The test determines how well speech can be understood in background noise. The procedure can be performed with headphones or loudspeakers. During the test you will hear combinations of three digits superimposed with noise. The understood number combination is entered via a number field on the screen. Depending on the answers, this sequence is repeated until the result is certain (between 1 and 3 minutes). After the test you get an assessment of how good the speech understanding is in noise. An excellent moment to give the customer concrete recommendations for action and to present your range of services.

All information at a glance for download
: Flyer PDF (german)

Additional notes

  • Use headphones for the test if possible.
  • To perform the test, your browser must support Java Script.
  • If you wear hearing aids, remove them for the test.
  • Set a comfortable volume for the audio output.
  • Run the test in a quiet environment.
  • Speech and noise are reproduced in both ears.
  • A fast Internet connection is required for the test. If you hear short pauses in the sound output, then your Internet connection is not fast enough.
  • The test is only meaningful if you do it in your native language or speak and understand the language of the test very well.