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Loudness optimized gain adjustment for hearing aids (LOGAN)

The aim of this project is to bring the loudness-based hearing aid fitting method trueLOUDNESS, developed in the Hearing4all cluster of excellence, to market maturity for use in audiometers from Acousticon. The trueLOUDNESS procedure aims to restore binaural broadband loudness perception in people with hearing loss. In addition, a free field headphone (Acousticon A-1000) especially suited for these measurements is being further developed for broadband signals with high levels. For the verification of hearing aid fittings, a method for loudness verification with hearing aids is being developed. The result is a deviation from the normal loudness perception for the individual client. The client rates different signals on a loudness scale from "very quiet" to "too loud". The signals are selected so that they are broadband, but also include a possible weighting on low, medium or high frequencies.